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Le Zoo/Usine, Geneva - 09.12.2014Live visuals

Le Zoo/Usine, Geneva - 09.12.2014
Live visuals

To celebrate Hong Kong, Hermès has chosen to make two unique bags based on the Passe-Guide, created in 1975 by Henri d’Origny. Like a musical score, the city is made up of lines, sounds, rhythms and nuances. The two bags celebrate the magic of night in the bay. At dusk, the whole city twinkles and glitters. The illuminations are reflected in the water and windows and on the facades. The party is in full swing under a shower of stars. Then, after all the intensity comes rest. The lights go out, the night reclaims its realm. This is the time of mystery, an ode to deep sleep. It is here, in this extraordinary urban environment, between the bustle and excitement of the modern world and the ancient pitching and tossing of the junks, that Hermès found its inspiration for this homage to its host city.

The Leather Forever exhibition is in Hong Kong between the 7th and 28th September, at PMQ Central.